cityFlitzer 2.0
The new cityFlitzer, now with Bluetooth and parking assistant.

Diverse range of cars

Out with the fam, huge shopping tour, moving homes or just quickly from A to B in the city? Get a car for every purpose!

Strong network

1,000+ cars in the Rhine-Main area and thousands of vehicles throughout Germany in the Flinkster network of Deutsche Bahn!

Easy & uncomplicated

Including fuel, maintenance and comprehensive insurance in the largest station network in the Rhine-Main area at fair, attractive prices.

Unsere cityFlitzer

stationsflexibles Carsharing

Flexibilität, Freiheit und Spontanität. Das sind unsere über 400 cityFlitzer. cityFlitzer sind das stationsflexible Carsharing-Angebot von book-n-drive. cityFlitzer können Sie von Stadt zu Stadt fahren, ohne Buchung oder Zeitlimit, open-end bis zu zwei Wochen. 

The book-n‑drive App

Carsharing for on the go

Always find the right car when you’re out and about, there is the free book-n-drive app for Android and iOS.

With the app you can find our station-independent cityFlitzer as well as station-based cars near you.

Free download:

Carsharing for companies

The right car for every situation

As a book-n-drive customer, cars are available to you at any time throughout Germany. The book-n-drive fleet ranges from small cars to vans and 9‑seater buses.